WordPress 5.4 Updates New Features That Theme Developers Should Know About

wordpress 5.4 updates

WordPress 5.4 updates are coming, release launched on March 31, includes a list of amazing new features that theme developers and plugin developers should know about. It is time to check the compatibility of plugins with theme as well.

In this post, we will do a quick tour of WordPress updates, that will help you to get ready for upcoming changes.

Social Icons and Buttons Blocks

WordPress 5.4 has updated two new blocks for social icons and buttons. The social icon block allows the users to add 40+ social platforms to engage the visitors that is impressive so no need to use an extra third party plugin. The button block gives access to group multiple button blocks together.

Upload Featured Image by Drag and Drop

In current version of WordPress users has to upload featured image using input file button but in WordPress 5.4 you can drag and drop image to the featured image section.

Resize Image Gallery

Want to create more appealing or professional image gallery then you don’t require further any plugin because in WordPress 5.4 you can resize image gallery just by the selection of image size.

TikTok Embed Block

With WordPress 5.4 you can embed TikTok videos in WordPress posts or pages easily.

Create Custom Gradient Presets

Gradients increase the reflection and contrast which makes websites more professional and appealing. The new Gradient API allow the theme developers to prepare a custom gradient and apply in groups or buttons block. Developers can create beautiful gradients with little effort and make website more attractive for users. Developers/authors can also disable gradients if they do not want to use them.

Calendar Markup and Class Changes

The change of the markup of get_calendar() function directly effects calendar widget. The calendar output also adds or changes multiple IDs and Classes:

  • .wp-canlendar-table added to the wrapper element
  • .wp-calendar-nav added to the navigation wrapper element
  • .wp-calendar-nav-next replaces the #next ID on the next month link
  • .wp-calendar-nav-prev replaces the #prev ID on the previous month link

These are the core changes which are affecting themes and plugins, so it is required to update themes and plugins to make them compatible with latest WordPress 5.4.


WordPress 5.4 come up with a lot of more features which gives more boost and professionalism to website developers, authors and owners. If you face any issue or found a bug then you have to update the theme and plugins. If you can’t handle the updates and found problems then no need to worry simply contact us. We are a team of developers that can professionally fix all your website issues.

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